Capturing the essence of nature in our wines since 1920

Centennial vines, ancient lands and grape varieties, sustainable agriculture.

Profound and evocative wines that contain the expression of a land, of a family, of a life attitude.

A wine made with the best grapes of the harvest

We grow our grapes using sustainable agriculture and rely solely on rain for irrigation. We harvest manually and carefully hand select every berry that enters our winery.

About Novos

Our great-grandfather Nicolas Ramos planted his first vines of Bobal in 1920.

Those old vines are still the cornerstone of our project but we also grow Tempranillo, Royal and Moravia Agria in smaller quantities.

Each year we hand-select 10% to 15% of the best grapes of our harvest to produce around 12,000 bottles of the highest quality wine.

Our wines are the outcome of an exhaustive grape selection.