Come visit our winery in Valencia



At NOVOS we believe in what we do and, in first person, we will tell you how we cultivate the vineyard, how we make our wine and what the secret of its high quality is.

You can tour our facilities and learn how the best selected grapes are transformed into incredible wines.

You will discover the aromas and flavors of our best wines accompanied by local gastronomy and in direct dialogue with the protagonists of this story.

About Novos

We produce wines predominantly from the native Bobal variety, although we also grow other varieties such as Royal, Moravia Agria and Tempranillo.

Our goal is to select 10-15% of the best grapes from our harvest each year to produce 12-20,000 bottles of the best quality wine.

Ours is therefore a wine made from highly selected grapes.


Like every family we have our history. In our case this story is told through our wines, our philosophy and our lifestyle.

During the visit to our winery we will tell you that story and how it relates to the labels of our wines and their content.